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Tru Overlay flooring in a bright and open residential hallway

Located in the Reno-Tahoe Region, Evolution Industries is the premier design and installation company for decorative and innovative concrete treatments for floors, walls, and environments.

Evolution Industries has designed premium floors for some of the largest and most luxurious homes on and around Lake Tahoe, Reno-Tahoe local businesses, universities, and large corporations. Evolution Industries upholds high quality as a standard of our work. We partner with a world-class Microtopping® manufacturer in Italy and use premium materials from the United States and around the world.

We believe that the right concrete floor can enhance the integrity of architecture and design in a home or building and we are proud of the work we do.

Welcome to Evolution Industries!

The Concrete Advantage

Clean and beautiful. Stain and wear resistant. Long lasting. Environmentally friendly and it reduces energy costs.

Welcome to the world of Concrete!  Evolution Industries is proud to offer high-end concrete solutions for interior and exterior, residential, commercial, and industrial environments. Below are a few of the benefits our floors provide.

Evolution Industries is devoted to green building technology. We proudly use materials and practices that produce amazing results while reducing impact on the environment.

One of our greenest systems are our polished floors for the following reasons:

  • Our concrete meets the nation’s highest standards for indoor air quality

  • Our polished floors qualify for LEED points through the United States Green Building Council

  • Contains zero VOCs (volatile organic compounds) found in other materials

  • Reduces contributions to landfills

  • Creates improved energy efficiency through thermal mass and reflected light

Systems like Microtopping®, Rasico®, TRU® Overlay, and polishing update already existing base flooring or concrete slabs either by sanding and finishing or laying a micro-thin concrete layer over what already exists. Improving a previously installed floor avoids the energy and material waste of removing and replacing a new floor or surface.

A well maintained concrete floor can be expected to last a hundred years or more. Concrete is a timeless, versatile, durable, and safe flooring choice that takes on character and elegance as it ages, ready to last and be passed down for generations.

More than just design and installation.

Through our service program, Evolution Industries can provide you with a lifetime of performance. In addition to design and installation we offer maintenance and repair services to keep your concrete floors and surfaces looking beautiful and functioning well.