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Epoxy is a strong coating that bonds to concrete to create a shiny and durable floor. It is often used for garage flooring or any interior or exterior space that gets significant wear. Solid colors and flake blends make epoxy customizable to match any space.

The epoxy that Evolution Industries uses “wicks” deep into concrete, creating a bond that is up to 3-times stronger than ordinary epoxy or polyaspartic systems. Strong and beautiful, it is a great choice for both residential and commercial spaces to create a finished showroom feel.


Below are some examples of epoxy flake, solid, and metallic finishes as well as our full catalog of the colors we offer. Please call us or request a quote if you have any questions about epoxy customization.

Epoxy Care Instructions

How do I keep my floor clean?
Cleaning concrete is very simple. Day-to-day maintenance requires sweeping or vacuuming any debris and spot cleaning where necessary. A semi-regular light cleaning with a microfiber mop will keep the surface of your floor polished and looking fresh.

We recommend an occasional deep cleaning – sweeping and/or vacuuming any loose debris and then mopping the floor with hot water, non-aggressive cleaner, and a hard foam mop. Note that deep cleaning or mopping too frequently or with too much detergent may cause built up residue and dull the appearance of your floor. Mopping with just hot water and a hard foam mop will normally strip any build up.

Epoxy specific care:
If more aggressive cleaning is required on your epoxy floor, use a brush plate (with a union or polishing brush) on a scrubbing machine. Do not use stiff bristles as these will mar the surface. Do not allow the brush to spin dry. This will generate heat and possibly dull the finish. Never use any abrasive powder cleaners such as Ajax, Comet, or TSP dry to remove stains, scuffs, etc.

If water, oil, or other substances are spilled on my floor will it stain?
Sealants help protect your floors from rapid absorption of spilled liquids, but remember that any liquid – especially those most commonly spilled in homes like wine, oils, vinegar, coffee, and ice cream – should we wiped and cleaned quickly from concrete surfaces before it penetrates the material and becomes much more difficult to clean.

How do I maintain my Epoxy floor over time?
To keep your floor as beautiful as when it was first installed, we recommend the following:

  • Place a doormat at any entrances to help keep debris and water from shoes and wheels from tracking on to your floor.

  • Sweep and/or vacuum regularly

  • Mop with a pH balance or neutral cleaner and warm water to remove stains or embedded debris. On surfaces with an anti-slip profile it may be helpful to use a bristled applicator rather than a sponge or mop. Rinse with clear water to remove any film or residue.

  • A citrus based cleaner will remove any tread marks, skid marks, or heel scuffs from your Epoxy floor.

  • Epoxy floors can be waxed using a light bodied liquid wax, applied in a thin uniform application. Please note that wax will negate any slip resistance offered by anti-slip aggregate installed.

  • Clean up wet spills right away - concrete is porous and dampness or liquid will absorb and degrade the flooring

  • If you are moving heavy furniture, we recommended you place a wool cloth under the feet or base to avoid scratching lines into the surface.

  • Before any involved projects like electrical jobs, plumbing, painting, or moving and handling furniture, protect your floor with cardboard, wool blankets, and nylon sheets.

  • Any minor damages like chips or gouges should be repaired as they occur. Always clean, sand, and wipe the area before applying a spot repair kit.

  • Remember, concrete floors are very durable but they are not indestructible. If your floor does get damaged please contact us to consult how best to repair the surface.