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Rasico® is a thin concrete overlay installed over new or already existing slab concrete in two layers with a trowel and then sanded in a final process to reveal a smooth surface with depth and movement. similar to Microtopping®, the Rasico® formula is created specifically for exteriors. This makes it particularly suitable for extending the look of Microtopping® from interior to exterior or for updating balconies, walkways, poolsides, and other outdoor surfaces with a beautiful concrete exterior. Evolution Industries partners with Italian Rasico® manufacturer, Ideal Work.

Rasico® Care Instructions

If water, oil, or other substances are spilled on Rasico® will it stain?
Evolution Industries offers a variety of solvent and water based protection products depending on the surface you are covering and the requirements of its use. A resin sealing treatment protects Rasico® flooring from rapid absorption of spilled liquids, but remember that any liquid should be wiped and cleaned quickly from concrete surfaces before it penetrates the material and becomes much more difficult to clean.

How do I maintain a perfect appearance over time?
To keep your Rasico® surface as beautiful as when it was first installed, we recommend the following:

a) If you have Rasico® flooring indoors, use a doormat at your entry that will retain dust, sand, and any abrasive particles tracked in on shoes
b) Sweep and/or vacuum regularly
c) Use protective felt tips under furniture, especially furniture that moves often, like chairs, benches, or outdoor tables
d) If you are moving heavy furniture, we recommended you place a wool cloth under the feet or base to avoid scratching lines into the surface.
e) Before any involved projects like electrical jobs, plumbing, painting, or moving and handling furniture, protect your floor with cardboard, wool blankets, and nylon sheets.

How do you keep a surface clean?
Cleaning Rasico® is very simple. For regular surface cleaning just use a damp cloth and add a drop or two of natural detergent for floors. Any detergents with soap, acid, ammonia, chlorine, or other abrasives will damage your Rasico® surface. We recommend only NON AGGRESSIVE, neutral PH detergents like Zep- Neutral Floor Cleaner Concentrate, Bona Stone, or Tile & Laminate Cleaner.

Can accidental falls of heavy objects ruin the coating?
Yes, heavy, sharp objects dropped on Rasico® can mark surfaces.

Can Rasico® surfaces be scratched?
All surfaces, even with extra protective seals, can be scratched. Think of steel that is easily scratched when subjected to stress with sharp objects (like on the bodywork of a car). Scratches will be most apparent on very shiny and smooth surfaces. For this reason, we recommend an opaque or matte finish and a more material effect. If need be extra maintenance like polishing or sanding can reduce or remove a scratch.

Are Rasico® flooring materials safe for health?
Yes. Strict tests demonstrate that, after the application and drying phases, Microtopping® does not release substances into the air that are harmful for adults, children, or pets.